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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber service?

Fiber internet service utilizes fiber optic cable to connect to the internet. Fiber internet allows individuals and families to do more online at the same time. Unlike DSL or satellite internet service, fiber has enough bandwidth to handle virtually any amount of Internet use.

For example, if one person in the home is streaming Netflix, another playing games online, and another browsing the Internet, no one will experience slowness when having fiber service.

When will service be available?

We are utilizing to gather interest in fiber services. Before construction can begin, we need easements. Please refer to the map on the homepage of to see where we currently have and need easements.

What determines where you build first?

There are a few things that determine where we build first; easement acquisition, sign-up rate reaching a certain percentage of possible consumers in a specific zone on We also pursue any funding opportunities available. Most grants target unserved, or underserved areas, not the entire county. Success in acquiring grants in select areas could change the sequence of the build. Please refer to the map on to identify which zone you are in.

When will you be building in my area?

Construction for individual zones will begin as sign-ups reach a certain percentage. Those living along an existing IEC fiber cable, may have the ability to be served prior to their zone reaching the percentage sign-up mark.

The fiber has been strung up by my house, but I haven’t been contacted. What should I do?

We are currently string our fiber backbone for Calhoun County. This fiber is going between central offices located throughout the county. Our central offices house all of the hardware that makes the fiber serviceable. The fiber you see in front of your house may not be serviceable at the moment. However, we are hooking up residents along the main fiber route early as it becomes active. Make sure you have signed up through our website and we will contact you when the fiber in front of your residence is active.

What if the map doesn’t show my residence or business when I go to sign up?

The map uses Google Earth’s address information. In some cases, it may not be correct. If this is the case, we ask that you zoom out on the map and drop the pin where your residence is located. If you have any trouble with this, please give us a call at 1-800-468-4732

How were the zones determined?

Population of each zone is based on our electric service data as well as a manual count of occupied premises. The names of the zones are based on the area. The zone may be larger than the actual town or place the name references.

When do you expect the Calhoun Fiber project to be completed?

Our plan is a five year build out. Easements and early signups will be a large part of completing the project in five years.

Do you still need easements?

Yes, easements are critical to the construction of fiber in Calhoun County. Easements can halt the construction of the fiber network. Please contact us if you are ready to sign an easement and encourage your neighbor to sign an easement as well.

I have not signed an easement, but would like to. What should I do?

If you would like to sign an easement, give us a call at 1-800-468-4732. Cody Schnettgoecke, our easement coordinator, will contact you. He will explain the project and answer any questions you may have. The easement is a legal document giving the co-op written permission to install our facilities (in this case fiber optic cables on existing electric poles and underground) on a landowner’s property. Since it is a legal document, a notary must be present to witness the signing of the easement. Cody is a notary himself, as are several other co-op staff. If you are wishing to sign an easement and live in the service territory, Cody can meet you in person. If you do not live in the area and want to sign an easement, local banks often employ notaries and can assist you.

If I sign up on, will I have to take the service?

We are using the sign-ups through this website in our initial numbers to build out our fiber network. Our hope is that everyone that signs up will subscribe to the fiber service when it becomes available.

If I sign up for the service, when will I start to be billed?

Billing will not start until after the service is installed and active at your property.

How is the install done?

Our installers first discuss all options with the property owner. When installing fiber, we may bore, trench, or plow from our nearest line to the house. This will be a very narrow dig. In some instances, we may go overhead to the house from our nearest line. A box will be mounted on the side of the house. Once a plan for mounting a box outside and running the necessary cable into the home is agreed upon, the box is mounted. From the box, an ethernet cable then ran inside. This cable is run to a router to broadcast the connection. Any cable run in the home or business beyond this point is an additional fee. There are many ways the cable can be run. For example, cable may be run through a basement, crawl space, attic, or fished through a non-plaster wall. For phone service, if your existing phone jacks are working they can be used for our phone service.

How much is the install fee?

If you sign up during the initial build out, the install is free. If you wait until after construction is done to get service and we have to come back to do the install, the install fee is $250 for up to 500 ft. Beyond 500 ft additional charges apply.

How much does fiber internet service cost?

Packages start $88 a month for 100 megabit per second residential internet service. 

Will you offer telephone service?

For residents that sign up for internet service, they will have the option to add home phone service for an additional $17 per month. Without internet service, residential phone service is $93 per month. Taxes and fees not included.

Is there a charge for long distance with the phone service?

No long distance charges within the United States. There are additional charges for international calls or calling services, such as information at 411.

Are there data caps or limits on internet usage?

No, unlike with cell phones and other providers, we do not have a limit on data usage.

What if I rent the place where I would like to have service?

If the customer is currently renting the house or apartment he or she wishes to have service installed at, he or she will need to provide contact info for the property owner.

What if I am an Ameren customer, will I be able to get fiber service?

Our plan is to build-out the entire county, therefore you will be able to have fiber internet and phone service.

Will the fiber be overhead or underground?

We would prefer to follow your electric design, overhead where the electric is overhead and underground where the electric is underground. If there are potential clearance issues if the fiber cable were to be added aerially, we would look at underground, or a combination of aerial and underground. If we need to cross a road and we have existing electric crossing same said road, we will require that we cross the road aerially to prevent the extra expense of needing a boring crew. Something to keep in mind, there will need to be a guy wire in place (if there isn't already) where the cable transitions from aerial to underground.

If you’re an Ameren customer, we will build your service underground. We will not attach to Ameren Electric infrastructure.

All design plans will be discussed during the initial meeting with the IEC employee. We want to make every attempt to ensure that each homeowner is happy with the installation, and that we do not cause a future problem for the homeowner in our cable placement. Both, overhead and underground, will require a small enclosure to be mounted on the house. The location of the enclosure will be determined on site the day of the initial appointment. All questions can be answered during the initial appointment.